MusicPortland is a grassroots trade organization and advocacy group whose mission is to unite, defend, and amplify the Portland independent music scene. By standing together as a music community, musicians, venues, manufacturers, retailers, and fans can have a huge impact. Our coalition includes many respected leaders of Portland music, including:

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We need everyone in the Portland music industry to stand up. Are you a musician, recording engineer, gear manufacturer, music venue, music retailer, record label, or anyone else who makes money from music in Portland? To advocate for you, we need numbers. By taking two to five minutes to create a MusicPortland Profile, you help us prove how vital music is to Portland’s economy and civic spirit. Together we can build a more sustainable and successful music economy in Portland.

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Gear Fest

Nov 10th
Polaris Hall

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We bring together all parts of the local music industry including artists, performers, music professionals and venues to make one whole ecosystem that thrives on boundless collaboration.



We identify and oppose threats to any part of the music ecosystem while advocating for investment and accommodation.



We’re building an international brand that tells the world we are a powerful system of creative professionals, committed to the business of innovation and authenticity.


Our Impact

Since our launch in 2019, MusicPortland has been hard at work advocating for the Portland independent music scene and we are gaining steam. We have helped enact Musician Loading Zones at 16 local venues. We host Monthly Meet-ups of more than a hundred local music professionals. We are organizing the first annual Portland Gear Fest, an expo dozens of Portland's boutique music manufacturers. We are working with City Hall to launch Portland’s first-ever Music Policy Council, giving the music community a voice in city policy, practices, and regulations to make Rose City more music supportive. Read more about our initiatives here.


Do you support our mission?


Our work is made possible by the generous support of our Contributing Members. Please consider joining us. MusicPortland dues are a fully tax deductible business expense and available at a sliding scale to fit your means and support of our mission. Our initiatives are influenced by our members. You tell us, we listen.


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[The Portland] metro area’s population may rank only 25th in the U.S., but it claims at least 1,100 music businesses, around 2,000 performing acts, nearly 300 live venues and 200-plus promoted concerts a week — putting it near the top of any of these categories on a per-capita basis.
— Oregon Business Magazine


Music has been a driving force in Portland's growth for decades. From the hundreds of bands who call PDX home, to storied venues and recording studios, to world-class equipment builders and music businesses, we know music is what really makes Portland move. We believe Portland’s music community deserves a fair share of the economic growth we’ve played such an important role in driving. We represent all participants in Portland’s vibrant independent music ecosystem.


The independent artist is at the core of our local music culture. MusicPortland is committed to improving opportunities, equity and revenue for musicians. By creating a MusicPortland profile musicians, artists, and performers can join us and support our mission to unite the music community of Portland. [Read More]


Music businesses need support and solidarity to be successful. MusicPortland is committed to expanding economic opportunities and collective power for the entire ecosystem. By reporting on the expansive music industry that already exists here, we can push to get the same advantages as other recognized industries like cannabis and bikes. [Read More]


Live music is all about human interaction, connecting musicians, music businesses, and the public. A healthy music ecosystem depends on thriving, independent venues and festivals where this magic can happen. MusicPortland is working to protect venues and expand opportunities and audiences. [Read More]


MusicPortland will first focus on working with musicians and music industry professionals, but we will soon launch our MusicPortland Fan programs that will provide exciting benefits and access to music for those who actively participate in the local scene. If you'd like to be the first to join us, complete a MusicPortland Profile. Please donate or volunteer if you want to support our mission!


Get Involved

If you are interested in supporting our work— first things first: have you created a MusicPortland Profile? By filling out a profile (and getting everyone you know in Portland music to do the same) you help us generate real data— and data is power. Only by quantifying the impact music and artists have on our city can we successfully lobby local government, corporate employers, and development agencies to provide more resources, opportunities, and policies to support us.



Please consider joining us with a paid membership. MusicPortland dues are available at a sliding scale to fit your means and support of our mission.


Your contribution will help us continue our mission of uniting, defending, and amplifying the Portland independent music scene.


Are you passionate about the Portland music community and want to give back? As a volunteer, your work will help keep the Portland music scene thriving.