Portland’s independent music scene has already earned acknowledgement from around the country and the world. With coordinated messaging and programs, our individual successes can unite to power a collective brand that benefits everyone. We seek to boost our identity as a music city; locally, nationally, and beyond.


We are organizing the first annual PDX GearFest, an expo of dozens of Portland's boutique music manufacturers on November 10th at Polaris Hall. Find out more.


As new companies relocate their headquarters to Portland, they are well aware that the cultural allure of our local popular music scene is a key advantage to attracting and retaining talent in a very competitive marketplace. We will be developing a MusicPortland Patron program to engage these companies to support the local music economy, and to provide their employees with new ways to become active participants in the local music scene. These investments will pay for on-site performances by local artists..


We are in discussions with Travel Portland to promote music tourism. We are discussing a roadshow of Portland musicians and businesses to promote our music culture to key foreign markets. Closer to home, we are discussing creation of a permanent, self-guided walking tour with plaques to map and celebrate events in Portland music history.


MusicPortland is working to developing a collective Portland music brand that celebrates our independent spirit. Media relations and a focused campaign to promote the collective will reap rewards for all participants.


Like the successful "Buy Local" program, "Listen Local" is a planned program to embed purely local music into area businesses, with promotion of local shows and media for sale. Like Buy Local, it is both a promotion of the quality and variety of our local music, and also a clear economic investment in our local economy.


MusicPortland aims to promote our collective musical asset and to draw more local and visiting fans to live shows. The MusicPortland Fan Engagement program will provide benefits based on the number of shows fans attend and new ways for venues to engage with their frequent customers.

If you support our work, join us!


We need resources to advocate for you. If you support the work we’re doing, please consider becoming a Contributing Member of MusicPortland. MusicPortland dues are a fully tax deductible business expense and available at a sliding scale to fit your means and support of our mission. Our initiatives are influenced by our members. You tell us, we listen.

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